Asmbld develops robots for construction industry

We design our own robots and provide construction automation services.

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Research Project Dom Indoors

Robotically Reconfigurable Interiors

We’ve developed a robotic system that can reconfigure any room in minutes. A family of tiny robots assembles walls, furniture and custom objects from modular elements. Users can dynamically reshape the space around them. Imagine if Minecraft was possible in real life.

Research Project Dom Buildings

Custom Buildings Assembled In An Hour

In this research, we looked at a system that would allow construction of custom buildings extremely fast. Existing building technologies face a trade-off between customization and construction speed: You either get generic, fast-deployment structures or custom buildings that take weeks to design and build. We explored the potential of having small, reusable modules combined with robotic on-site assembly.
Asmbld is a brand of Labori, Inc.


481 Wythe Avenue, Suite 104
Brooklyn, NY
11249 646 255 2562

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